All Currently Available Phantom Products

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ECT (SPECT and PET) Phantoms and Inserts

Flanged Jaszczak Phantom (Four Models)
Note: Diameters of Cold Rods and Solid Spheres for Ultra-Deluxe (ECT/UL-DLX/P), Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/DLX/P), Standard Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/STD/P) and Benchmark Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/BEN/P) are found on the links to these 4 (following) phantoms:
(1) Ultra Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/UL-DLX/P)
(2) Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/DLX/P)
(3) Standard Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/STD/P)
(4) Benchmark Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/BEN/P)

Flangeless Deluxe Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/FL-DLX/P)
Elliptical Jaszczak Phantom (ECT/ELP/P)
Flangeless Esser PET Phantom (PET/FL/P)
Flangeless Esser PET Phantom, with second
   DLX Lid (PET/FL-X2/P)

Esser PET Lid, Flanged (PET/LID/REG)
Esser PET Lid, Flangeless (PET/LID/FL)
PET CT Phantom (PET/CT/P)
Ultra Deluxe Cold Rod Insert (ECT/UL-DLX/I)
Deluxe Cold Rod Insert (ECT/DLX/I)
Standard Cold Rod Insert (ECT/STD/I)
Benchmark Cold Rod Insert (ECT/BEN/I)
Elliptical Cold Rod Insert (ECT/ELP/I)
Hot Spot Insert for Flanged Cylinder (ECT/HOT/I)
Hot Spot Insert for Flangeless Cylinder (ECT/HOT-FL/I)
Triple Line Source Insert (ECT/TRI/I)
Capillary Line Source Fixture (ECT/CLF/A)

Body ECT Phantoms and Accessories

Anthropomorphic Torso Phantom (ECT/TOR/P)
Elliptical Lung-Spine Body Phantom (ECT/LUNG/P)
Extended PET Oval Phantom (PET/EX-OV/P)
Elliptical Lung-Spine Phantom Lid (ECT/LUNG/I)
Body Contour Rings (3) (ECT/BCR/SET3)
Fillable Spine Insert (ECT/FIL-SPINE/I)

Brain ECT Phantoms and Accessories

Hoffman 2-D Brain Phantom (BR/2D/P)
Hoffman Multi-Compartment 2-D Brain Phantom (BR/2D-MC/P)
Hoffman 3-D Brain Phantom (BR/3D/P)
3D Brain Phantom Solid Defect Set (2) (BR/3D-SOL/SET2)

Breast Phantoms and Accessories

Medium Solid Breast Phantom (ECT/SOL-BR/MED)
Large Solid Breast Phantom (ECT/SOL-BR/LG)

Cardiac Phantoms and Inserts

Cardiac Insert with Fillable Defect Set (ECT/CAR/I)

Mini, Micro and Ultra Micro Phantoms, Inserts and Accessories

Mini Defrise Phantom (ECT/DEF/MP)
Mini Defrise Insert (ECT/DEF-MP/I)
Mini Deluxe Phantom (ECT/DLX/MP)
Mini Deluxe Insert (ECT/DLX-MP/I)
Mini Hot Spot Phantom (ECT/HOT/MP)
Mini Hot Spot Insert (ECT/HOT-MP/I)
Micro Defrise Phantom (ECT/DEF/MMP)
Micro Defrise Insert (ECT/DEF-MMP/I)
Micro Deluxe Phantom (ECT/DLX/MMP)
Micro Deluxe Insert (ECT/DLX-MMP/I)
Micro Hot Spot Phantom (ECT/HOT/MMP)
Micro Hot Spot Insert (ECT/HOT-MMP/I)
Micro Hollow Sphere Phantom (ECT/HS/MMP)
Ultra Micro Defrise Phantom (ECT/DEF/UUMP)
Ultra Micro Defrise Insert (ECT/DEF-UUMP/I)
Ultra Micro Hot Spot Phantom (ECT/HOT/UUMP)
Ultra Micro Hot Spot Insert (ECT/HOT-UUMP/I)

"NEMA"* Phantoms

NEMA SPECT Triple Line Source Phantom (ECT/NEMA-TRI/P)
NEMA PET Scatter Phantom (PET/NEMA-SCT/P)
NEMA PET Sensitivity Phantom (PET/NEMA-SEN/P)

Sphere Inserts and Accessory Sets

Solid Sphere Set (6) (ECT/SS/SET6)
Hollow Sphere Set (6) (ECT/HS/SET6)
Micro Hollow Sphere Set (4) (ECT/MI-HS/SET4)
Hollow Sphere-60 mm dia. (ECT/HS-60/A)
Small Spherical Shell (ECT/SPS-SM/A)
Large Spherical Shell (ECT/SPS-LG/A)

MRI Phantoms

MRI 3D Geometry Phantom
3D Knee Phantom

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* "NEMA" is a trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Washington, D.C.

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