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SPECT QC Phantoms and Inserts

PET QC Phantoms and Inserts

Body ECT Phantoms and Accessories

Brain ECT Phantoms and Accessories

Breast Phantoms and Accessories

Cardiac Phantoms and Inserts

All Currently Available Phantoms in All Categories: (web page) or PDF format

Replacement Parts for Data Spectrum Products
This spread-sheet lists many commonly requested replacement parts.

Price Quotations

For current prices, please download, fill out and return this form, or you may contact us via email, telephone, fax, etc. You may use the web based form on this page for making general inquiries.

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Here you can view a sampling of some of our products.

Download our previous catalog
This catalog contains nearly all of our current phantoms. (PDF Format; Size = 10 MB)

* "NEMA" is a trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), Washington, D.C.

Mini, Micro and Ultra Micro Phantoms, Inserts and Accessories

"NEMA"* Phantoms

Sphere Inserts and Accessory Sets

MRI Phantoms

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