Elliptical Lung-Spine Lid

Two Lung Chambers and Spine Features

Product Description

The Elliptical Lung-Spine Lid consists of two lung chambers filled with polystyrene beads to simulate lung tissue with density. The lid also has a PTFE rod that is used to simulate the spine.

Product Specifications (pdf)

Trademark Information

Elliptical Lung-Spine Lid™ to Data Spectrum Corporation

Product Number


Shipping Size & Weight

Carton 13 × 13 × 13
Weight: 5 lbs.

Product Use

The phantom can be used in the evaluation of cardiac data acquisition and quantitative evaluation of non-uniform attenuation and scatter compensation methods. When combined with the Elliptical Jaszczak Phantom and Cardiac Insert, the lid simulates the effects of nearby lung and spine tissue on a heart scan.

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