Hot Spot Inserts

Two Insert Models

Product Description

The Hot Spot Inserts are designed for SPECT but may be utilized for PET. The insert contains six sections with differing sized holes in a triangular grid pattern.

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Trademark Information

Hot Spot Inserts™ to Data Spectrum Corporation

Model Number

Flanged Hot Spot Insert: ECT/HOT/I
Flangeless Hot Spot Insert: ECT/HOT-FL/I

Shipping Size & Weight

Carton: 12 × 9 × 6
Weight: 5 lbs.

Product Use

The product can be used with high spatial resolution SPECT and PET Systems. The phantom can also help with system resolution test for high contrast structures, acceptance testing, and routine quality, assurance and control. Hot features (holes) are the converse of Cold Rods; as diameters, array patterns, and spacing are equivalent to the Cold Rod Insert.Designed to be mounted in the J- Phantom Cylinder in place of the standard cold rod insert.

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