About Data Spectrum

Serving the Medical Imaging Field for 30+ Years

Innovative Products and Reliable Results

Located in Durham, North Carolina, Data Spectrum was founded on the ideals of providing cutting-edge technology to the medical imaging field. At Data Spectrum, we strive to provide innovative products that are based on scientific solutions and provide medical imaging professionals with reliable and measurable results.

Where We Come From: A Brief History

At Data Spectrum, our mission has always been to provide medical institutions, research professionals, and manufacturers of medical imaging systems with high-quality imaging phantoms that are durable and state-of-the-art. Data Spectrum opened its doors in 1981. The co-founder of the company, Dr. Ronald Jaszczak, has been a pioneer in quantitative nuclear medicine imaging since 1976. Before becoming a professor at Duke University, he developed the earliest SPECT imaging equipment and bridged the gap between utilizing phantoms solely in the research field to enabling medical imaging professionals the ability to accurately provide and show that the camera is working as intended.

Where We Are Headed: Meeting the Needs of Our Clients

Over the years, our staff at Data Spectrum has helped to develop and build products that are dependable, reliable, and provide innovative solutions for the medical imaging profession. Our phantoms play an integral role in patient care, medical research, and pharmaceutical development. At Data Spectrum, we focus on product design and refinement to provide quality in all aspects of our work. From product development to procedures, Data Spectrum is a comprehensive company that meets the testing and research needs of our customers.

Meet Our Staff

Chief Executive Officer

John Jaszczak

John has been working in the industry for over 20 years. He is currently the CEO of Data Spectrum Corporation. Due to his interest in engineering, he has helped find innovative solutions for medical imaging by refining products while also keeping pace with the ever-evolving medical imaging technology. He has a passion for individual and team sports, taking home the Silver medal in the company ax-throwing tournament.

Chief Operating Officer

Monica Jaszczak

Monica has been working at DSC since her teenage years and came on in a managerial role in 2008. She is now the Chief Operations Office of the company. She earned an undergraduate at Guilford College in Psychology and went on to receive a  post baccalaureate at UNC Hospital for Nuclear Medicine Technology. She is a Board Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist (CNMT) and a Member of the Society of Nuclear Medicine And Molecular Imaging. She played collegiate volleyball and lacrosse at Guilford College. Go Quakers! She is also a Minnesota Vikings football enthusiast.

Operations Manager

Dave Kampel

Dave is the Operations Manager at Data Spectrum Corp and is responsible for all aspects of production including team management, quality assessment, and plant engineering. He has been employed at DSC for over 10 years. He majored in Electrical Engineering at Penn State University and has manufacturing experience in restoration of vintage WWII aircraft (Google Stearman), fine woodworking, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, composite construction, and residential and commercial building. Fun Fact: Dave also played guitar and sang in indie rock bands of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. He became a recording engineer and opened a studio in Central PA. He is currently mastering indie rock projects for digital and vinyl release (yes, records!).

Shipping & Receiving

Eric Enoch

Eric has been working for DSC for over a decade and is in charge of shipping and receiving. He has an associate’s degree from Durham Tech and has a passion for machining. In his spare time, he likes working out at the gym and fishing.  He also enjoys watching movies in his downtime.


Judy Miles

Judy has been working at DSC since 1981 and has helped grow the company over the years. She works in assembly and was the first hire for the company. She is a registered nurse and went to college at Roanoke Memorial Hospital School for Nursing. She is a member of the ENT Association and enjoys reading, dancing, and gardening.


Pauline Lloyd

Pauline has been working at DSC for almost a decade and is in charge of the assembly department. She has past clerical work experience and enjoys sewing and needle work. 

Office Manager

Linda G. Krehbiel

Linda has been working at Data Spectrum since 1987 and has been a solid office manager for the company for over 32 years. In her downtime, Linda enjoys sewing, knitting, and improving house layout plans.

Bookkeeping Associate

Mary Jackson

Shop Foreman

Nick Minchenko

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