ACR Accreditation

Ensuring Quality Products

At Data Spectrum, we strive to produce products that meet and exceed the requirements put forth by the ACR. The idea that our phantoms have gone through a meticulous review process to ensure that they meet nationally accepted standards and exceeds quality assurance guidelines.

What Does an ACR Accreditation Mean?

The American College of Radiology (ACR) is the gold standard in medical imaging. It is a review process that evaluates a product based on rigorous accreditation standards such as:

  • Quality assurance and control
  • Conformity to a high level of standards and best practices
  • Imaging quality and performance

The ultimate goal of an ACR accreditation is to establish quality standards for imaging, to determine if the phantom meets all requirements, and to gain recognition for high quality imaging products.

How Does the ACR Process Work?

The ACR accreditation process is both an educational and self-assessment journey that begins with the proper documentation to showcase that our phantom(s) meet the accreditation requirements and quality assurance standards. The ACR application, testing materials, and phantom image review are all designed to evaluate equipment performance and establish/maintain a quality control program.

Our ACR Products

Take a look at some of our ACR products.

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