Hoffman 2D Multi-Compartment Brain Phantom

Normal and Abnormal Human Brain Phantom

Product Description

The Hoffman 2D Multi-Compartment Brain Phantom stimulates the activity distribution, metabolic image of a normal and abnormal human brain. The phantom provides Seven (7) gray-matter compartments that may be separately filled with varying amounts of radiotracer to simulate a variety, of “hot” and “cold” abnormalities.

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Trademark Information

Hoffman 2D Multi-Compartment Brain Phantom™ to Data Spectrum Corporation

Model Number


Shipping Size & Weight

Carton: 12 × 9 × 6
Weight: 3 lbs.

Product Use

The main use for the Hoffman 2D Multi-Compartment Brain Phantom is in SPECT and PET applications. The product is a single slice brain phantom, divided into 7 separate chambers, so that each one can be filled with a different concentration of tracer. White and gray matter distinguished by use of the partial-volume effect.

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