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Hoffman 3D Brain Phantom

Brain Phantom Imaging for SPECT/PET/MRI

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Product Description

The Hoffman 3D Brain Phantom provides an anatomically accurate simulation of radioactivity distribution for brain SPECT, brain PET studies, and distribution of proton density and relaxation parameters for brain MRI studies. The phantom simulates a 4:1 uptake ratio (by partial volume effect) needed for normal gray and white matter in flow and metabolic studies. The phantom also provides a single fillable chamber that eliminates the necessity of preparing different concentrations of radioactivity and allows for the solid defects for basal ganglia region.

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Product Use

This phantom represents an entire brain, both white and gray matter, with a single fillable chamber and the partial volume effect. The product can be used for the evaluation of 3-D SPECT, PET and MRI registration techniques.

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